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Lifestyle Consulting 

Are you thinking about retirement or is this still a long way off? Maybe...Maybe Not...its never too soon to plan for good health as we age

How many times have you said to yourself, I know I need to exercise, eat better but I don't have the time, I am too tired, too busy.

As we get closer to making that decision to retire what holds us back is fear. Fear of ageing, losing lifestyles and losing ourselves.  

We have worked all our lives, raised children, cared for our own ageing parents, dealt with family demands. Finding a way to ensure we are equipped to maintain a quality of life post retirement over what may well be 30 years.... is up to us. 

Plan ahead, and indulge in some focused self care now. Together we can explore solutions, opportunities and create a plan for a good life using a client centered non-prescriptive approach tailored to your needs and budget.


Eat Well, Move Move and Live Well 

Prepare now for a long healthy, happy and enjoyable retirement. 

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Indian Head Massage

Indian Head Massage includes upper back, shoulders, neck and head. 

A great addition to your tailored stress management regime or a stand alone appointment simply because your enjoy the experience. 

Clients relax and sink into the experience and are taken away by calming music and scented candles for a half hour massage. 

Relaxing massage allows clients to find calmness allowing them clarity to address and find solutions to stress triggers in their lives.

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A caring touch goes along way with our elderly living in aged care homes or  at end of life. 

A gentle hand massage, conversation and a kind word often is enough to help older residents to feel less alone, reduce anxiety and provide a sense of purpose. 

There is significant data now that show the benefit of gentle touch such as hand massage and the use of essential oils in calming residents living with dementia.

We offer 30 minute visits including a hand massage with beautiful essential oils to calm and connect with older adults in care. 

For more information or to book a visit  a  loved one, friend or resident go to [email protected]

Capacity2Change Service Prices

Lifestyle Consulting 

$75 plus GST

Per hour

Package Offers Available

First 1 hour session free

6, 8 or 12 week program

Tailored to meet you needs

Walk & Talk

Indian Head Masssage

$45-$65 plus GST

Per session

Special prices for package inclusion

30 min 

Upper back, shoulders, head and neck ................................................................$45


Upper back, shoulders, head, neck &  Face......................................................$65

Daily Service

$40 plus GST

Per session


Gentle hand, wrist and lower arm massage with hand blended essential oils. 

Conversation, connection and calm

Providing support to the individual, while supporting families and nurses



My name is Vanessa and I am a Lifestyle Consultant and business owner.  My 42 year career spans across community health and clinical services including nursing, aged care, health promotion, healthy weight, obesity prevention, wellbeing & resilience and lifestyle management with a focus on healthy living.

Who are my clients? 

My clients are primarily women close to or planning for retirement and looking for a lifestyle change that aims to improve health and quality of life as they enter their Third Act......I think we all forget that when we retire we can still have up to 3 decades of living to do! If we are going to enjoy our retirement we need to make lifestyle choices and commitments to live a good life no matter how old we are. 

Aged Care

I also have ageing clients often in care homes. I work with older adults to reduce stress and anxiety along with social isolation. 

My own experience with family members in aged care with Alzheimer's has made me aware of the level of stress many of our elderly experience when moving into aged care. It is not just an issue during that transition, but it also present in Dementia residents at certain times of the day. I provide gentle hand massage & foot massage, conversation and a presence of mindful moment with each resident. It is well documented in research that touch can strengthen relationships, build trust, ease physical discomfort and reduce anxiety and depression in older adults.

I go into aged care homes regularly to visit family members and have 10 years experience in working as a trained nurse in aged care. My recent experience in aged care raised my awareness of the level of anxiety and stress being experienced by older adults in care. Each on of my clients has a unique massage oil hand blended with essential oil or oils specifically for them. Smell can trigger memories in individuals and as I get to know a client we can find an oil that triggers good memories and conversation. 

Stress Management

I have lived through the same life changing stresses as other people. I have had life threatening health challenges, separation and divorce, single parenthood, blended families as well as daily struggles that comes along with working full time and managing a family, not to mention running a small business. 

What is important to me is work life balance. Finding time for my family but also for me. Anxiety has plagued me most of my adult life. Over the years I have actively sought ways to manage anxiety & stress. The journey introduced me to meditation, essential oils and more recently to Indian Head Massage.

Indian Head Massage is part of Ayurvedic medicine and traditionally as part of typical Indian life is used to maintain a healthy body and mind along with improving the quality of hair by the inclusion of essential oil blends in the massage process. At Capacity2Change modified western approach to Indian Head Massage can be with or without oils and is a luxurious way to find relief from stress and improve overall feeling or relaxation and wellness. I focus is on upper back, shoulders, neck and head along with facial massage.


Vanessa Gaston-Gardner


E: [email protected]

P: 0433051060

BHlthSc, GDip Womens' Health (Edith Cowan University) 

Cert IV Weight Management, Levels 1&2 Wellness Coaching, 

Certificate in Indian Head Massage with Health & Harmony Colleges

Located in Glanville, South Australia